Back to the old grind

I’m back!

Sorry for being negligent of this blog, but since returning from down under I can’t say anything eventful has happened. I will, however, begin teaching in less than a week so the exciting things are about to begin!

Since returning from study abroad, I spend about a week at home attempting to recover from jet lag (didn’t work). I headed back up to Gainesville for work and thus far haven’t done much besides it. 

A few updates:

StrengthsQuest Ambassadors is underway & gearing up to be an excellent endeavor

No news yet on the NSFP internship, but many hours will be spent there hanging out

FOSAL Symposium partners are chosen & the work begins

Speech events are in & the practicing begins


I’ll keep posting regularly now that I do more in a day than marathon-watch old ABC Family movies on Netflix. 




Day 9: Video shoot, Madame Tussaud’s and Pizza

Hi there!

7:30pm down under & I’m just about ready for bed. Terrible, I know. I should be out galavanting & living the Aussie life, but I just love me some sleep.

We had pancakes for breakfast. Normally I really like pancakes, but the fact that I can’t easily get them here meant this morning’s breakfast was beyond special. The chef actually told us he started making more “American fare” because he thought we’d enjoy a bit of home. Thank you, kind chef.

Just thank you.

Found out I got a 93% on my first ethics exam, one that I assumed I failed. Yay for being smart!

I spend the morning/mid-afternoon filming my subject for video storytelling. Her name is Lisa & she makes soaps. Not very interesting, actually. But she’s a cancer survivor and soaps brought her out of depression, so there’s my angle. It took two trains and a long walk to get to her office but I made it, tripod in hand!

Next was what I had been eagerly & anxiously waiting for since we arrived in Sydney: Madame Tussaud’s!

For those of you who don’t know, Madame Tussaud’s is a chain of wax museums. They have one in LA, Vegas & a whole slew of other places. I’ve always wanted to go, so when I found out they had one in Sydney I nearly flipped. We spent a couple of hours there, rubbing elbows with the elite wax sculptures.

Afterwards we grabbed dinner at a local pizza place.


Finish it off with some tiramasu & I had one heck of a night!


Honorable mentions of the day: I dropped it low with Beyonce & bought a cool keychain.

Off to relax, no class tomorrow 🙂

Bye bye!


Shopping, shopping, shopping~

I went a little crazy today.

And by a little, I mean a lot.

A lot.

A lot.

We went to the Paddington Market, a sort of flea market that Sydney has every Saturday. I bought about half of the people on my shopping list their gifts & spent under $100 (obviously I bought myself a few things as well…)

Anyway, the bests are more difficult. I can’t seem to pinpoint what to get the picky ones!

Off to planning our day for tomorrow!


Day 3: Exploration

I know, I know: it’s technically Saturday morning, AKA this post should have been in last night.

MY APOLOGIES. I know y’all are anxiously waiting each post to come to your eyes. I will try, ever so hard, to keep you from waiting too long.

Yesterday (which for you, is just coming to a close) was a very relaxing one. First was a 5am wake up call from Agassy because he thought we were 18 hours ahead & that it was 9am (thanks-_-) and class from 8am-10am, followed by a 20 minute nap that I have no recollection of.

Next was the thing I had been dreading the most: taking the train by myself.

Let me explain: my FOSAL (FOS Academy of Leadership) life coach, Laura, has a sort of mentor who works at the University of Technology, Sydney. And since my life coach is pretty great, she set up a meeting between the two of us. The only problem is that UTS is a train/walk away from the hotel, so I had to make a trek all alone.

Here’s the exact directions I was given:

1. Catch a train from Kings Cross station – you need a train that is going to Town Hall and Central (not to Bondi Junction).

2. Get off the train at Central (I think it’s about 3 stops?)

3. UTS is about 1km walk from Central station (0.6mi). When you get off the train, head off the platform in the direction that the train is travelling. You will go downstairs and then after you exit the station, go right and walk through a long tunnel (about 400m long). At the other end of the tunnel you will need to head south along George St/Broadway. You are looking for a giant UTS tower:

When you get to the tower, go in the front door, sit on the coloured “cube” furniture, and give me a call.

A little confusing, right? But I found it quite fine and all was well! I took a tour of campus (very similar to the layout of UPenn–city campus) and on Wednesday I’ll be going back to meet with more professionals. Yay networking!

After that, everyone went to a rugby game sans me, so I ran across the street to the Sydney version of Tijuana Flatts & got a quesedilla.

Then I went to bed at 7pm the end.

Don’t judge. The sun sets early & no one was here to keep me entertained.

Anyway, today will be more exciting.

See ya real soon!


Day 2: Sydney bus tour!

Wow, another sun has set in beautiful Sydney! (Granted, the sun sets at roughly 6pm). Exhaustion is setting in again, but yesterday it hit at 5:30 and today at 9:30, so the jetlag is almost over!

Day 2 brought a mandatory orientation session, chock full of fun information for us.

We then took a bus tour around Sydney, and I finally understood why everyone really loves studying abroad: this place is more beautiful & amazing than I imagined. We saw the Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Olympic Site & Bondi Beach! Can you say productive?

I’m too tired to post, but rest assured details & photos will come!


Major dilemmas

My major is Journalism. UF has one of the TOP J-Schools (College of Journalism and Communications) in the entire country and a top 10 student publication (The Independent Florida Alligator).

I chose UF because of these reasons.

And yet, I really don’t like journalism.

Don’t get me wrong, this college is amazing. I am gaining skills transferrable to every facet of my life. But I really don’t like the fast-paced world of journalism. I don’t like hard news or interviewing or being nosy.

I like students and mentoring, so it’s a good thing I’ve found the lesser known field of student affairs.