Day 26: Packing up

I hate packing.

I love it going somewhere, but packing to go home just doesn’t seem right. I’ve spent a month in Australia and packing all my things physically hurts. I don’t want to leave.

So, I spent my last Sunday abroad packing.

I sorted through all the souvenirs I’ve acquired & wrote down everything for customs.

To those of you receiving a souvenir, YOU’RE WELCOME. My entire carry on is souvenirs for you. Feel loved.

I shoved everything not so neatly into my checked bag and used a separate bag for dirty clothes (sorry mom).

And don’t get me started on the Tim Tams. Let’s just say they could have their own bag.

My roommate and I chilled by the pool & did a bit more Cairns exploration. There really isn’t much here, considering it’s a beach town. And all the restaurants close at 3 and don’t reopen until around 6, which is a foreign concept to us.

It was a very lazy day, but necessary. Today I’m going zip lining & doing a ropes course, so yesterday was my last day to take stock of my time abroad.

Wish me luck, as my ROTC days lead me to believe I won’t be too good on the ropes course.



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