Day 25: Detox

My Saturday was spent exactly how I would spend a Saturday back home: by the pool. I laid out & enjoyed some beautiful vitamin D courtesy of Cairns, Australia. It was absolutely gorgeous out, with just enough breeze to keep you warm, but not burning up.

After we explored a local market down by the beach. It was similar to Paddington, but I forced myself to not shop since there really isn’t any space left in my suitcase…

We bought chicken & hot dogs and grilled by the pool for dinner, which ended up being an amazing idea. We each spent about $10 and had a delicious meal. It was so nice to eat food we made, as opposed to going out. Finally, a home cooked meal!

After that my roommate and I watched tv. Not an eventful night, but a great end to an exhausting day.

Today the packing commences, with a month’s worth of dirty & wrinkled clothes now needing to be packed ever so carefully into 2 bags. Oh God, this’ll be interesting…

Only 2 days until I’m on my way home. Australia, I’ll miss you!



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