Day 23: Kuranda Rainforest

Oye oye oye!

G’day, mates! Another day down under is over.

Today we explored the Kuranda rainforest. We took a 45 minute gondola from Cairns all the way up the mountain to the heart of the rainforest. Up top there’s a little village with stores and local eateries.

If you enjoy the outdoors, I highly recommend it. But we were there for 5 hours and it basically only took an hour to explore.

We explored the town & shopped, and at this point we’re all pros at it. I bought an opal necklace, a shot glass and a tote bag.

I need to get into shopper’s anonymous, y’all.

Like for real.

It’s a problem.

We then took a scenic railway all the way down which took an hour and a half.

We got some really amazing views of the rainforest and beautiful waterfalls. But an hour and half is a long time and obvi I took a nap.

Today would have been tremendously better had I not been sick. My throat hurts and I’m absolutely exhausted. Hopefully this NyQuil kicks in soon!

Tomorrow will be an exploration day around Cairns!

Only 4 days until I head back to America!



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