Day 17: Manly Beach and Vivid Sydney

Greetings from Sydney!

Another day in a beautiful city I wish to call my home. 

Another post late because I was actually enjoying nighttime Sydney so don’t judge me. 

Yesterday morning was spent catching up on homework, blogging & packing for Cairns on Monday. 

The afternoon brought us to Manly Beach again for some light shopping (yeah right, “light”) and taking in the beach. 

I’m really sad it’s fall in Sydney, because the beach was breathtaking. This was the first time I actually got to see real surfers riding waves. The waves were huge and the beach was freezing, but they didn’t care one bit. They ran in fearlessly, surfboard in hand, and braved the icy waters. 

Afterwards we headed back to Sydney Harbor for Vivid Sydney. 

Vivid Sydney is a light show they’re doing for the next few weeks. Basically, they project lights onto the opera house and the harbor. Sort of like how they project images on the water jets at Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios. It was absolutely and positively one of the coolest things I’d seen. We grabbed a quick dinner at a little market set up they had & returned home. 

I grabbed drinks with a couple of the girls on the trip & we played Uno (judgement is allowed). 

I turned in early, as today is to be very busy! Last Saturday in Sydney!



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