Day 16: Hot mess

I’m getting progressively later & later with these posts, and I am sorry.

Yesterday was, in essence, a terrible, terrible day.

It began with class, as per usual, followed by some homework/packing. Then I grabbed lunch with one of the girls on the trip & relaxed.

My ethics class headed to ABC studios (Australian Broadcast Corp) to take a tour & learn more about the way it’s run in Australia. It’s a culmination of PBS/BBC; government funded but not government influenced. It was really interesting. 

Next is where things get, well, messed up. Since our first Thursday here, I’ve been pretty chill about what we do because 3 weeks is a long time & normally I’m okay with anything, but I really wanted to go back to Argyle, the place we went our first Thursday. Before 8pm, they had $8 cocktails & that’s where I had my delicious Aloha. I just wanted to get it one last time & made it very clear about that. However, no one else wanted to go/wanted to go on Frida (which was so confusing because the drinks aren’t cheap on Friday AKA defeats the purpose). But whatever, we went to a local burger place (LAME) & then tranny bingo, which was actually really fun & hilarious, but drinks were crazy expensive. 

In the end, I played momma bear to some very drunk girls on the trip & was in bed watching The Office. Not a very interesting night, I can assure you. 

Today I’m finishing up my packing & hopefully spending the afternoon doing something, so we’ll see!

Cairns in 3 days!



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