Day 14 & 15: Blue Mountains & Bridge Climb


I’m combining these 2 days & posting extremely late for one reason & one reason alone:


Let me explain. 

Tuesday night I had a lot of homework, so I decided to wait until the morning to post. 

Except it didn’t happen. 

I guess I should clarify, my laptop’s name is Machiavelli. 

Get it, because it’s a Mac?


Anyway, he was being slow (yes he’s a he, deal with it) & I shut him down. But then he wouldn’t start back up. He would get to the start up screen and just sit there. Pero like I wasn’t impressed. 

All the online forums said to do a “safe boot” which requires you to hold shift while restarting. Problem is, the restart was taking FOREVER & I had to leave to do my Bridge Climb (details to follow). 

So what do I do? 

I create an ingenious device to hold shift while I’m gone. I placed my camera charger on top of the button & used an apple to keep the weight on it. 

Laugh all you want, but I got back & my computer was on again. BOOM SHAKKA LAKKA. 

Except it was running really slow. And wouldn’t recognize my SD card. And had no sound. 

But an “on” laptop is better than anything else so I dealt with is. 

I went to class this a.m. & had an assignment to turn in. But we turn them in on flashdrives & my computer wouldn’t recognize his. So he had me restart it. 


At this point I’m almost crying in class, but I put on my big girl pants & dealt with it. On the way up to my room it just started up again & is working perfectly fine now. 

Thank you, Jesus! I was beginning to freak out!

So now, lovely people, I can fill you in on what’s been going on down under. 

Tuesday we took a trip to the Blue Mountains, sort of. 

First we drove to a wildlife park an hour & a half our of sydney. Not really much to look at


Let me make one thing clear: I signed up for study abroad because of koalas. Sure, there were secondary reasons, but really mostly koalas. 

Okay, obviously I’m kidding (kind of ). 

But they were adorable and perfect and I cried a little. 

After that we drove another hour and a half to a little town names Leura. We stopped off for lunch & some quick shopping. It was a small town, similar to downtown Brooksville, but cute. It was still technically in Sydney so it was really interesting to see the differences. 

Then we headed off to the Blue Mountains. We stopped off at a lookout to take some great photos and then took a railway car straight down the mountain to the bottom. It was gorgeous  We got to see the three sisters and hike a bit. 

Like I said before, I had a ton of homework so I grabbed nachos for dinner & went HAM. 

The next day was the day of my laptop’s “fit” of sorts, but I don’t even care BECAUSE IT WAS TIME TO CLIMB THE HARBOR BRIDGE.

Since signing up to study abroad, everyone I’ve spoken to who has ever visite Sydney or lives in Sydney says it is a must do. Granted, it had a high price tag but I really didn’t care. 

A real quick update on weather: 

It’s technically the last week of Autumn here, about to head into Winter. 

So it’s cold. And on top of the bridge it was 12 Celsius (you convert it, I’m not your mom.)

And it rained. THE WHOLE TIME. 

Luckily we had tons of rain gear on. 

But honestly, it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life. The view was breathtaking, the climb was exhilarating & everything about it was perfect. If you ever visit Sydney or even Australia, make the trip. Do it, you will not regret it. 

And so ends two days in Sydney. We only have 4 days left here before heading off to Cairns!

Sorry for the length of this post and I’m extra sorry I didn’t describe all my food (last night was Pie Face, there you go.)

Gday, mates!



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