Day 13: Taronga Zoo & nuggets

Somewhere along the timeline of this blog, my titles changed to always include the food I ate that day. 

At first I believe I did this because I was trying new things & exploring Sydney. 

Tonight I had nuggets. Let’s be real, I’m not trying anything new with nuggets. 

Chicken nuggets are like my family (T1 for life will always get it). 

Anyway, the evolution of my title has no bearing on the blog post.

That was the point of all that, so end rant. 

Today my morning began wonderfully. I had a half hour Skype session with Paulette, which was beyond perfect. Man, I miss my roomie. Our schedules are so reversed it’s hard to even text, let alone Skype. 

Afterwards I headed down to breakfast (hash browns WHAT WHAT) & ethics. 

Oh, ethics. You are the bane of my existence. So difficult. 

Ethics came and gone, tears were shed (it’s really a tough course, guys) & I headed back to the room. A couple of girls from our group had to go film their video subject and would be gone until 3, so my roommate and I decided to hit up Taronga Zoo. 

It’s a small bit aways, located on an island right off the Harbor. Two trains, a ferry & a bus got us there. For $31.50 we were able to see a whole lot. I’m not one for zoos, so I wasn’t very impressed, but it’s world famous & something worth seeing. 

Side note: I got radtastic earrings with a tiger wearing a bowtie for $5. That was worth the whole trip.

We met up with the rest of the group & planned the rest of our week. I’ve got less than a full week left in Sydney and idk I just refuse to leave so yeah. 

I seriously don’t want to go. I’m excited for Cairns, but Sydney is beyond everything I could ever want. 

Exciting events coming up include: 

-Blue Mountains tomorrow

-Harbor Bridge Climb Wednesday

-Visiting ABC (Australian BC, lol) Thursday

-High tea

-Vivid Sydney (really awesome light show where they project stuff on the Sydney Opera House)

There will be tons more, but those are the ones I’m very very excited for. 

We headed to the mall to grab some warm clothes for one of the girls (the Blue Mountains wil be in the 40’s…) & took two trains to the Sydney Aquarium. 

I really just love aquariums of any kind. 

I got to touch a starfish, see Nemo & Dory, sit under a shark and buy a sweatshirt for $19.95. 

Yay another souvenir for Erica?

Shopping is addictive and I must stop. 

Then we headed over to the Sydney Tower, the largest building in Sydney. They take you to the very tip top & have a 360 degree observation deck you can visit. 

Man, Sydney is stunning at night. The harbor lit up, the buildings, the bridge all culminate into this beautiful scene before your eyes. It was breathtaking. 

We grabbed quick dinners and ate in the hotel living room because we all wanted different things. 

I wanted McDonald’s because, well, to be real, I wanted a little slice of home. 

Bonus: cashier flirted with me & I got 11 nuggets instead of 10. SCORE!

Now it’s time for bed, we’ve got to be downstairs by 7:30 am for the Blue Mountains. 




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