Day 12: Lazy Sunday

I don’t have much to write tonight, and for that I apologize. 

Every day we’ve been here, I’ve done something. Gone to a museum, a park, a show or exploring. 

Today, I did none of those things. 

I went with my roommate to go film her video project, a very passive act I may say. I sat & played sudoku for a couple of hours. 

Afterwards I sat in the hotel & did homework. 

I know, lame. 

But I needed a day to sit in bed & not walk around, watch The Office & read some Buzzfeed articles. I needed a breather. 

We went out to dinner, but just to a small burger place up the road. It was yummylicious & I got a Coke (yay caffeine). It’s name, we have learned, was Burgerlicious. 

Side note: People here don’t say “How are you?”; rather, they say “How are you going?” 

Oh, okay. 

Now I’m working on homework some more. Ethics is real tough, y’all.

Any idea what a consequentialist would say about whether or not we publish the name of someone who made a fake MySpace account to prey on their daughter’s best friend?

If you think of the answer, go ahead and comment. I’ll be waiting for it. 

Not to mention the fact that my download of Final Cut Pro X (which should have taken 10 minutes) is literally taking 10 hours because of this wifi, AKA Erica can’t work on her video until tomorrow. 

C’est la vie, right?

Why life? Just, why?

Highlight of today was FaceTiming with sassy, momma bear & most importantly Luke. I missed my bambering besoz bby. 

It’s off to do more work & rip these stupid acrylics off. They’re killing me. 



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