Day 10-Paddy’s Market, Video part 2 & PLL

Hello, all!

Two things:

1. French toast is better in America

2. Financial aid dropped today

Now that we’ve established those two very important details, we can begin. 

I slept in today until 7am (score!) & just lounged until I stopped being lazy and grabbed breakfast at 8. 

We headed to Paddy’s Market, an indoor market that is filled with knick knacks and paddiwacks. 

A little cheap for my liking, as I only want to buy things down under that were made here, but I enjoyed walking around and seeing another part of Sydney. 

Afterwards we took a trip to China Town, again a little kitschy for what I’m looking for. 

I took a trip back to the industrial part of Sydney to meet one more time with my video subject. She’s a little bossy but gave me some great shots! She even gave me & the two girls I brought with me free soap! 

We came back to the hotel and relaxed & went to a nearby pub for dinner. 

And, y’all, I need to get real with you. 

I had the best burger tonight. 

Like the best. 


It was at the same place we went our first night here. The first night I got chicken tacos that burned my mouth because they were so spicy. 

But this burger, 


was delicious. 

First of all, all Australian burgers come with beetroot. I normally pick it off but there’s always the flavor left behind. It really kicks the burger up a notch. Pair it with some “chips” and their homemade ketchup & Erica is in heaven. 


Only four of us from our normal group of 8 are here in Sydney, as the others traveled south to Melbourne for a trip, but we still had a great time. 

Now we’re back at the hotel watching Pretty Little Liars because Sydney is JUST finishing this season. Oh, if only they knew…

Tomorrow will be another trip to Paddington Market to get some more souvenirs (lookin’ atchu, Kelly, Monica & Paulette). 




One thought on “Day 10-Paddy’s Market, Video part 2 & PLL

  1. Dear Erica,

    Mom showed me your site.. glad you are having such a wonderful time..
    You look amazing.. I remember when I first met you, a lil shy 4th grader.. Now you are a amazing young lady with the world at your finger tips.. You make us all proud… Enjoy !!!!!!!

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