Day 9: Video shoot, Madame Tussaud’s and Pizza

Hi there!

7:30pm down under & I’m just about ready for bed. Terrible, I know. I should be out galavanting & living the Aussie life, but I just love me some sleep.

We had pancakes for breakfast. Normally I really like pancakes, but the fact that I can’t easily get them here meant this morning’s breakfast was beyond special. The chef actually told us he started making more “American fare” because he thought we’d enjoy a bit of home. Thank you, kind chef.

Just thank you.

Found out I got a 93% on my first ethics exam, one that I assumed I failed. Yay for being smart!

I spend the morning/mid-afternoon filming my subject for video storytelling. Her name is Lisa & she makes soaps. Not very interesting, actually. But she’s a cancer survivor and soaps brought her out of depression, so there’s my angle. It took two trains and a long walk to get to her office but I made it, tripod in hand!

Next was what I had been eagerly & anxiously waiting for since we arrived in Sydney: Madame Tussaud’s!

For those of you who don’t know, Madame Tussaud’s is a chain of wax museums. They have one in LA, Vegas & a whole slew of other places. I’ve always wanted to go, so when I found out they had one in Sydney I nearly flipped. We spent a couple of hours there, rubbing elbows with the elite wax sculptures.

Afterwards we grabbed dinner at a local pizza place.


Finish it off with some tiramasu & I had one heck of a night!


Honorable mentions of the day: I dropped it low with Beyonce & bought a cool keychain.

Off to relax, no class tomorrow 🙂

Bye bye!



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