Day 8: UTS Visit, Art Museum and Ballet!

It’s 11:05 pm as I write this post. 9:05 am for Floridians. 

This is the latest I’ve stayed up in Australia, so go me!

Today, breakfast was magical. Hash browns, eggs that actually tasted like eggs, kiwi! It was beautiful. 


Class was, well, class. Can’t say much more about it other than it is a necessary evil down under. 

After class I made a visit back to UTS to visit with Georgina. First up on the agenda was a student panel about reusing water bottles. The uni picked the top 5 best proposals and had them present to the audience. The winner was an app that scanned a QR code anytime someone refilled a water bottle and supplied incentives for doing it. Something we could possibly implement at UF? We’ll see!

Next was a housing tour! I’m not much into housing, as being an RA isn’t quite for me, but the tour was great! UTS is a commuter campus, with only 1,500 of their 35,000 students living on campus. But their residence halls are beautiful! There isn’t the typical “double bedroom” model; rather, every single student has their own bedroom. Some are studios, with private kitchen and bath, while others are 9 bedroom suites that share 3 showers, a kitchen and living room. They run for about $300/week, much more expensive than in Gainesville. But the rooms are beautiful and the communal spaces are absolutely stunning. 

Finally, we had a quick glance into one of their U:Pass classes! U:Pass is sort of like UTS’ equivalent of First Year Florida, but on a much different level. These classes meet once a week and are subject specific. Today’s was on Economics 1. Basically, students who pass the class they want to teach with high marks can become a “peer leader.” They work on homework and practice problems with students to reinforce concepts learned in class. What’s interesting is that every major has some sort of U:Pass class associated with it. Also, these classes are strictly voluntary. Students may come and go as they please. I personally like FYF better, but different unis need different things. 

After that, my group went to the Australian Art Museum of New South Wales. I’m not one for art, so I really just looked at the modern section and got bored. I did really enjoy one piece though, a mirror with the quotation: “No object implies the existence of any other.”


After the museum, a few of us headed to the Opera House for the ballet! They have what’s called student rush, where basically you show up an hour before and can get super discounted tickets. We each paid $34 and got Mezzanine, row G! Those tickets normally run for $180+ so we were very lucky. 

I don’t know much about ballet, but I know this was different. Act 1 was typical on pointe, beautiful lines and dancing, but some of it was a little quirky & jerky, but I liked it! Act 2 was, well, different. The curtains open and there are two suspended clear caskets with naked bodies. Most of the dancers were topless and the jerky yet beautiful choreography continued. Act 3 was my personal favorite, very modern with a bit of pointe. All I have to say is, the show was indescribable and absolutely breathtaking.



After a show, what better way to indulge the beauty of what you just saw than grabbing some delicious post-show fare?









We had McDonald’s. Sorry to disappoint  y’all, but the ballet costs money and I’m on a budget. 

Now it’s more homework/sleeping because I’ve had a long day. Sorry that I can’t include more photos, this wifi is hell on the heart. 



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