Day 6: Boat tour & Pad Thai

It’s been a cold day down under. The sun was seldom seen, making jeans more than necessary. Remember when they said it would be winter, but Miami winter? This is more of a Spring Hill winter, warm in the sun but cold cold at night.

Yes, cold cold is double the cold.

No, I couldn’t just say very cold.

Anyway, today we had classes from 8-10am, followed by free time. At 1:45 we were told to meet downstairs for our boat tour of Sydney Harbor.

That meant I had roughly 3.5 hours to chill. After an hour of literally sitting in my room attempting to get a decent wifi signal and 3 failed oovoo/google chat calls with Lou, cabin fever set in & I had to get out. I chose to finish some of my studying on the hotel’s balcony.

Man, did I make the right choice.

The weather was so beyond beautiful. I ate lunch, listened to music & people watched for two hours.

I seriously don’t ever want to leave. Sydney is perfect.

Next was our boat “tour” of Sydney, if you can call it that.

It was a boat, for sure. But there was no tour guide, no funny jokes about Australia, no boring facts.

But we got some seriously amazing shots anyway, and that was fine by me.

Then we visited the Sydney Opera House (going to the ballet Wednesday night, eep!) & did some tourist things. You know, pictures, gift shop, reporting a purple backpack sitting by its lonesome that looked threatening…

Sorry, it had to be done.

Dinner was at a small Thai place near our hotel. I was nervous because Thai is something I’m unaccustomed to, so it was an interesting experience.

But yay, Thai is good! I got pad thai, or something similar to it without the peanuts.


Now I’m back in my room, working on more homework.

Tomorrow: sheep searing farm!




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