Day 5: Holocaust Museum & Manly Beach

G’day, Mates!

Another day in Sydney, another day that makes me strongly consider staying here forever.

Seriously, who WOULDN’T want to live here?

Student affairs professionals can work here without a master’s degree, meaning I can move here after my undergraduate degree & save money!

Sorry, enough talk about that. Although it is a serious consideration. Sorry mom, I promise I won’t move to Australia permanently

without giving you some notice.

Anyway, phase 1 of the day was a visit to the Sydney Holocaust Museum. We were all really curious because none of us normally associate Australia with Jewish culture. But apparently, Australia let in the second largest group of Jewish immigrants per capita after the Holocaust. It was a really amazing and somber exhibit. I’ve always enjoyed learning about the Holocaust, but being surrounded by so much history is an insane feeling.

Did you know that it would take nearly THREE YEARS to say all the names of those persecuted in the Holocaust, or that 90% of children were killed during that time?

They had a memorial fountain with 1.5 million drops of water, one drop per child killed during the Holocaust. It was a great feeling to step back from the hubbub of Sydney and learn more about the culture of the city.

Phase 2 of the day was to be high tea.

Right?! I thought it was only in Britain, but the Aussies know their way around a cucumber sandwich. We planned on gettin’ bougie & dressing up, but we forgot one vital detail.


Basically one of the biggest “high tea” days in the city.

We changed our route and headed to Manly Beach, Sydney’s second-most famous beach.

But we didn’t really make it to the beach. It takes 2 trains and a ferry to get there and we didn’t leave until 2, so we instead enjoyed a nice dinner by the water.

Not really nice though. They refused to split our check & had terrible service.

I got steak, because I love steak.

I, however, am spoiled by my father, so this steak was sub-par.

We took a 5 minute trip to the coast, felt the breeze & ran. QUICKLY. Sydney gets cold at  night, y’all!

What better way to battle the cold than with ice cream? A waffle cone & Swiss chocolate ice cream finished off my day, a sweet end to another perfect day in Sydney.

Don’t be surprised if I don’t come back, mom & dad. One visit & you’ll understand why.

G’night, mates!



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