Day 4: Paddington Market & Darling Harbour

I’ve technically already posted today, so bear with me because I’m awake & that’s surprising considering it’s almost 10pm.

As mentioned before, we spent a few hours at Paddington Market. As not mentioned before, I played navigator (haha) & got us there ALL BY MYSELF (with the aid of a map). But seriously, I played head honcho & lead our group of 15 across Sydney.

Score 1 for Erica.

I don’t think it’s necessary to go into great detail again about my shopping.

I spent a lot and I am not proud.

I am, however, proud of the gifts I was able to get. They’re all thoughtful & meaningful.

Examples include:

A coaster with a landscape shot of Mexico & a corona for Abuelo (his favorite beer is Corona)

A hand-painted wood boomerang keychain for a family friend

Hand-made soaps for Abuela 1 & 2

I can’t describe the rest for fear gift-receivers will see & guess their gifts. Some haven’t been bought for (aka Paulette) because they require much more intensive thought.

Anyways, I also had a delicious cupcake.


We grabbed lunch at a little restaurant in Paddington & headed home. I rocked my new scarf the rest of the day. It’s made of hand woven Australian wool AKA it’s soft & fluffy.

We then spent a few hours planning the rest of our time in Sydney (shout out to my golds for being organized). On the docket so far is Madame Tussaud’s, the Wildlife Exhibit, Manly & Bondi Beach & the Skywalk.


Sorry, was that not mentioned? I booked a climb for 22 May 2013 (lol, I feel so Australian for writing my dates like them) at 2pm. Basically they hook you up to a whole lot of equipment and you climb the bridge. Once you’re at the top you can literally see all of Sydney. Granted, I’m terrified of heights, but while here, I’ve obtained a new motto:


You only study abroad once.

The asterisk is in case I fall in love & want to study abroad again (most likely).

So yeah, booked that bad bear on the spot.

After planning out trip, we headed to Darling Harbor for dinner & drinks. Dinner consisted of the best prosciutto pinnini I’ve ever had, complete with what Australians call “rocket.”(It’s really just arugula, but rocket sounds way better.)

Also every table got a free bottle of wine, so obviously I enjoyed that as well.

We then watched the fireworks from Darling Harbor & I fell in love with Sydney. It is too perfect for words.

Now it’s off to bed, high tea in the morning!




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