Welcome to Sydney!

I made it!

After 3 plane rides, 2 trips through TSA, customs & immigration, I’m here!

I’m in Sydney!

And I can’t even begin to understand the wonderful experiences I’m bound to have, but I’m excited for each & every one of them!

Flight #3 was, to put it nicely, hell. No leg room, being stuck in the middle & well, being on a plane for 15 hours isn’t ideal. But each seat came with it’s own TV, we got 2 DELICIOUS meals & I was able to avoid most of the jetlag (HECK YES). 

Obviously I watched Les Mis & Moulin Rouge, because it’s me and of course I spend all free time watching musicals. 


Dinner was a delicious braised beef with mashed potato, couscous, seasonal veggies & bread. For dessert we had strawberry cheesecake & what I believe was a Danish chocolate candy. Keep in mind, dinner was about 8pm Aussie time, aka 6am Florida. Hard to wrap your mind around. 


Next was the hard part: staying awake. The plan was to stay awake as long as possible on the flight in order to avoid jet lag. I figured if I could stay awake half the flight, I’d be going to bed roughly at 11pm Aussie time, that way I’d have about 7 hours of sleep before landing. I made it to 9pm Aussie, meaning it was 7am our time. I had woken up the day before at the same time, so it was a good old fashioned 24 hour all nighter. I finished Les Mis & my delicious dinner, and then it was time to hit the hay. 

Sort of. 

Sleeping on a plane is like sleeping on a Greyhound: crowded, uncomfortable & with little leg room. Oh, how the leg room impedes sleep. The girl in front of me leaned her chair back as far as it could go, meaning my space was little to nothing. I slept in and out for a few hours, then popped in Moulin Rouge & tried to fall asleep again. 

When sleep eluded me again, I admitted defeat and waved a proverbial white flag. It was 4am Aussie, 2pm US. 

Breakfast was cereal, yogurt, fruit & a muffin. No alcohol but I’ll let it slide. And then it was another 4 hours of sitting, waiting to land. 

And that brings me to now: the end of my first day. 

Well, kind of the end. It’s actually only 6 pm (4am) but I am exhausted. 

Drinks & dinner at 5 ended a well-spent first day. I went grocery shopping, learned all about Australian dollars (they don’t have $1 bills!!) and became obsessed with tim-tams. 

We toured the city a little & obviously got lost trying to take the train back. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Tomorrow we have a group meeting at 10am & then a sightseeing tour of Sydney. 

Until next time, Gators!



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