Flight #3: Los Angeles to Sydney

I hopped of the plane at LAX…with my dreams & a raincoat. Didn’t see the Hollywood sign or any Kardashians, but I did have a more than amazing travel experience. Here’s why:

1. Sat next to someone from UF who is probably as insane as I am. YAY

2. We basically got first class. Leg room, blanket & pillow, reclining chairs…

3. The time FLEW by


Now we’re in L.A. waiting on our wonderful 15 hour flight to Sydney. 

Just for a point of reference, it is currently 10:21 pm Los Angeles time, aka 1:21 am Florida. 

I am exhausted. The plan is to stay awake for more than half of the Sydney flight. At hour 8, I’ll try to sleed (it’ll be roughly 10 pm Sydney time). That way, I’ll have a nice 7 hour slumber (if I can sleep) & be well rested for Australia!


Sorry, it just hits me sometimes. I’ve been flying all day, in and out of airports & TSA, but this is it. All I have to do is make the last 15 hour leg, head through customs & I’m in. 

I’ll be in a another country. Continent. Hemisphere. 

I’m beyond nervous and excited, but I just want to be over there. 

Back to charging all devices. Laptop, phone & tablet need to be ready to go for this journey. 

Wish me luck!



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