Packin’ is a habit


Packing is the bane of my existence.

Packing for a weekend trip home or an overnight retreat requires meticulous planning & weather checking, just to ensure that I pack everything and anything I could ever possibly need. It doesn’t help much that I’m an over-packer. I once checked a bag, almost at 50 pounds, for a weekend trip to Philadelphia. (Needless to say, more than half of what I brought didn’t see the light of day).

And now, I’m expected to pack for a month-long study abroad trip to Australia. A MONTH. We were given two checked bags, but I’m challenging myself to only bring one (and a carry-on, but still!). The goal is to bring only 6 days worth of clothes & wash frequently.


Packing is hard, y’all.

Really hard.

Here are some of the general guidelines I was given:

  • no more than 6 days worth of clothes (yeah, ok)
  • 4 pairs of shoes (uh, I’m bringing all my toms, so this could be a problem…)
  • outfits that mix and match well

I’m at a loss here. There’s no way I can fit all of this. Let’s also discuss the fact that IT’S AUSTRALIA. There’s no way I’m not bringing tons & tons of souvenirs back. AKA I need more space in my luggage.

The struggle.

It’s real & it’s happening right now.


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