Weekend Warrior

And so ends another Monday in the life of an involved Gator.

This weekend was no different than any of the countless others I’ve experienced: PACKED. 

Friday was a morning filled with file scanning and Prezi making in New Student and Family Programs, class & work until 8 pm, followed immediately by a group project. I crashed at midnight, only to wake up seven hours later for a retreat. 

RETREATS. Let’s just discuss this for a second. Any involved Gator has had to attend a retreat at one point or another in their involvement career. They’re vital in team building and leadership development, so it’s really no surprise that almost every organization hosts some sort of retreat. 

The past few weekends for me have been filled to the brim with leadership and team development. I’m all “people’d” out. I’ve networked, bonded and retreated as much as any social human can. 

On top of that, I’m in the midst of packing for Australia, which, btw, is in TWO WEEKS. 

Plus my mom wanted to come visit & bond with me before I go galavanting across the world. 

Which is an added stress. 

Let me warn you now: families are kind of like the kryptonite of involvement. 

They mean well, but it’s hard to balance the needs of your ever-so-needy family members while being involved. Don’t get me wrong, my family is #1 in my book, always. But it’s tough when you’re trying to network and you keep getting the “just checking in to see if you’re alive and also have you called abuela” call every minute. 

That’s what this weekend was. I was stretched way too thin. All on top of the fact that it’s exam week (sort of). 

Let the studying begin!

-EA 🙂


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