I don’t like working. If I could live in a magical world where I didn’t need a job, I would. But that isn’t the case & here I am, a working girl. Luckily, I have a pretty spectacular job. I work at my apartment complex as a Community Assistant. I answer calls, give tours & things of the like. I applied because, well, to be frank, I get free rent. But besides that, it’s as close to student affairs as I can get without working on campus and it’s literally a minute walk from my apartment to the front office. Plus I really love the idea of giving tours.

Starting off, I was the office mule of sorts. I filed papers, cleaned and flyered (meaning I went to every apartment door with an important Campus Lodge message–every door being all 21 of our buildings & all 3 floors). But I passed all my leasing exams and was given the chance to tour. Finally, what I had been working towards for months! Once I started giving tours, it was apparent that this was where I excelled. I was GOOD. I love talking to people, I’m open and honest, and, not to toot my own horn, but I’m sort of hilarious. As a CA, if a potential resident signs a lease after you tour them, you get $10. I’ve only been giving tours for 2 weeks, so imagine my surprise that I shine like a diamond.

Today, I ran to the front office to pick up a package & was told to go see one of my managers. *GULP* I always get so nervous because managers are normally not the ones giving good news. But I sat down & was told that, if I would like, I’d be featured in the new Campus Lodge virtual tour. Why, you may ask? Because I was in second place for leases signed after tours last week, only being beaten out by a girl who’s been working here for close to 3 years. Of course I’ll be featured! They told me I’m pretty much a rock star.

So that’s today, in all it’s splendor. I’m extremely excited, since excelling is sort of the goal of anything I do. Yay for being awesome! And it’s only 12pm!




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