Class…on a Saturday?

Having class is an unavoidable and annoying part of any involved gator’s week. If only there was a bachelor’s of science in involvement, right? But there isn’t and so we are left to our own devices, struggling to manage the workload of classes & positions.

Take today, for example. A beautiful April Saturday in Florida and I should be laying out by the pool, tanning, shopping…

But, I’m not. From 9am-4pm, I have class.

Wait, what? Class on a Saturday?

I know. Shocking. But alas, I have study abroad courses all day today.

All. Day.

From 9am to 12pm, Journalism ethics is the topic of conversation. Moral rational versus ethical dilemmas and things of the like.

Take an hour for lunch, and then 1-4pm we discuss video storytelling, angles, B-roll and all the intricacies of DSLR cameras and proper photo etiquette.

Back to the class grind, I suppose.


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